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Film Review: Gravity

I’ve been seriously slacking on the blogging front lately, sorry!  I haven’t had all that much to write about, I’m afraid. I recently saw the film Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. I’d never heard of it until I … Continue reading

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Kind Of Awesome: The White House’s Response To Death Star Petition

As you may know, under President Obama the White House has pledged to respond to any petition posted on their website which gets 25,000 signatures or more. Many of these petitions are very serious, such as questions about gun control … Continue reading

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Discoveries From The Kepler Telescope

The Kepler telescope, designed to find Exo-planets (which I believe refers to planets beyond our own solar system), has so far turned up 1,235 in multiple solar systems in just a few months. This is even more impressive when you … Continue reading

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