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Bucket List Update: My London 2012 Olympics Experience

Like most people, I was glued to the Olympics. I love how so many people, who aren’t normally into sport, got sucked in. I don’t know if it was the same in other countries but here in the UK that … Continue reading

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Kind of Awesome: Fancy Playing Golf On A Shark-Infested Course?

A friend at work sent me an email to this news story today, and the link was possibly the most intriguing I’ve ever read: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/killer-sharks-invade-golf-course-oz-012405533.html. Killer sharks? Golf course? What is this craziness? A few years ago, a group of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Down Under, by Bill Bryson

You know what you’re getting with a Bill Bryson book: easy to read, funny, interesting and above all, fantastic story-telling. Bryson’s great affection for Australia and Australians is obvious throughout the book. He travelled round Australia over several trips, visiting … Continue reading

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As if they don’t have enough to worry about. Apparently there are sharks swimming around a flooded Australian suburb. Not only that, but also crocodiles and god knows what other dangerous animals. According to the article though, they bypassed the … Continue reading

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Water, Water Everywhere…

Wow. These floods are getting even crazier! First Queensland, then Brazil and Sri Lanka? Death, destruction and deluge all over the show. How can anyone say climate change is a myth with a straight face? Although, there was a shot … Continue reading

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