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Kind Of Awesome: The White House’s Response To Death Star Petition

As you may know, under President Obama the White House has pledged to respond to any petition posted on their website which gets 25,000 signatures or more. Many of these petitions are very serious, such as questions about gun control … Continue reading

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Jumping From The Edge Of Space

I’m a few days late writing about this, but as you will almost certainly have heard, history was made on Sunday when Austrian Felix Baumgartner jumped from a balloon 24 miles above the earth. This was the highest skydive in … Continue reading

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What Would You Do If You Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night?

About a week ago, the BBC posted a report about how sleeping solidly (or trying to, at least) through the night is a relatively modern invention. There is some evidence to suggest that in the past it was very common … Continue reading

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What A Wonderful World Indeed

Watch this. David Attenborough speaking the lyrics to ‘What A Wonderful World’ set to images from some of his fabulous nature programmes. What a fantastic advert for the BBC, and more specifically, the BBC Natural History Unit. Well done Auntie!

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The Best Inventions of 2011

There’s a fascinating feature in last week’s Time magazine on the 50 best inventions this year. I can’t link to it as it’s for subscribers only, but here are a few of the inventions which most impressed me: Magic mirror … Continue reading

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Neutrinos Faster Than Light?

You may remember a few months ago the scientific community was astonished by news from Italy that an experiment had found neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light, which, if true, would turn physics as we understand it on … Continue reading

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