Dublin and Giant’s Causeway

Ha'penny BridgeGiant's Causeway (Black and White) 1Giant's Causeway (Black and White) 2New Year's Message on Trinity CollegeDepartment of the TaoiseachKilmainham Gaol
General Post Office and Spire of DublinPadlocks on Ha'penny BridgeRiver Liffey and Dublin at DuskSplash of Water 1Splash of Water 2Giant's Causeway 1
Headland Overlooking Giant's CausewayGiant's Causeway 2Giant's Causeway 3Giant's Causeway 4County Antrim CoastlineCampanile, Trinity College
Bright Buildings, Dublin CastleLeopold BloomRiver Liffey

Dublin and Giant’s Causeway, a set on Flickr.

Some months ago, my friends and I organised a trip to Dublin for New Year.

I’d never been before – in fact, I’d never been to Ireland before – and it surprised me how similar it is to home. I know that shouldn’t be surprising, but I didn’t think it would be so familiar. I suppose you might see more traditional Irish culture outside the capital.

We did see some Irish music performed in the pubs and visited Dublin Castle (not my idea of a castle, to be honest, but the state rooms were impressive), Kilmainham Gaol, where a number of political prisoners from the uprisings against British rule were held and many executed (well worth a visit), and saw the inside of many a pub!

Perhaps my favourite part of the trip was hiring a car with three of my friends and making the three hour trip to the Giant’s Causeway. It’s at the northern tip of the County Antrim coast, in Northern Ireland. I’d never been there before so I have now been to all the constituent parts of the UK. We were lucky with the weather – the sea was powerful but that just adds to the photos! It was great to see such a landmark for myself. I was worried it might be a let-down after such a long drive but it wasn’t at all.

Back in Dublin we saw in the New Year with a meal, some beverages in the pub and tickets to the New Year’s Eve concert on the streets of Dublin, headlined this year by Madness. Having danced and sung 2014 in, we dispersed.

It was a good trip, and although I didn’t love Dublin (I liked it well enough, but didn’t love it) I am certainly keen to return to Ireland!

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