Olympic Torch Relay

Olympic Torch RelayOlympic Torch RelayOlympic Torch RelayOlympic Torch Relay - Wenlock

Olympic Torch Relay, a set on Flickr.

The Olympic Torch Relay made its way through my town this morning. I had to get up early (for a Sunday) but it was an interesting experience!

I am fortunate enough to live 10 minutes walk from the torch route so I got up and headed over. There were plenty of people lining the street which was nice to see!

First came Police outriders (I got high fives from two motorcycle policemen as they rode past me) then the sponsors vehicles, playing music and trying to get the energy up. There were a few coaches then the torchbearer and security staff. It was pretty cool to see close up.

When it had gone past I went on to meet my parents further along the route, where there were loads of people waiting, and saw it again with a different torchbearer.

Just 26 days until the opening ceremony!

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