Top 10 Photographs of 2011

Following on from last year’s post, here are my ten favourite photographs I’ve taken this year.

Hay Tor, Dartmouth by elentari86

On our family break in Devon we visited Dartmoor briefly. This was the only part we got out and explored but it was a good one to choose!

Towards Worcestershire Beacon, by elentari86

This was taken on a May Bank Holiday walk with friends in the Malvern Hills. It was very windy but a lovely day, we were very lucky!

Kayaker On Loch Ness (Panoramic) by elentari86

I took this on our Ben Nevis adventure. I cropped it to panoramic as I thought it was more balanced that way.

A Window Out Or A Window In? by elentari86

This caught my eye on my holiday in Albufeira in July. I have no idea why the window is blocked but it looks very unusual.

Sunset Over Telephone Lines by elentari86

Another shot from Albufeira. Hard to go wrong with a sunset shot!

St Paul's Cathedral by elentari86

Beautiful building on a gorgeous day.

September Morning by elentari86

This was actually taken on my mobile phone camera as I didn’t have my proper camera with me but I wanted to document the light.

A Brief Break In Eating by elentari86

A friend and I were stalking these deer for nearly an hour trying to get decent shots. The light got better towards the end of that time and this is the best of the shots I took.

Uninterested by elentari86

Taken at a Bonfire Night celebration. The bonfire was absolutely enormous and I realised I could potentially get some good sillhouettes. This is the result.

The Great Court At Twilight by elentari86

Unfortunately this didn’t turn out quite as well as I hoped but I still like it. It’s the courtyard area at the British Museum.

I’ve now got a simple SLR so hopefully when we do this again next year I’ll have some really great shots to show you!

About elentari86

Apparently blogs need to cover a certain niche in order to attract readers. My aim is not to attract readers. I don't deny it would be nice not to just be spouting to myself, but the reason I set this blog up was to give myself somewhere to write down my thoughts. If anyone reads them, that's a bonus. This blog will cover a mix of things - anything that comes to mind that I want to write about. I make no promises about how often I will publish new content.
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6 Responses to Top 10 Photographs of 2011

  1. k.m. says:

    Your pictures are gorgeous. I can’t believe that morning one was on a mobile phone camera – I remember seeing it earlier this year and admiring it then too.

    Hope you have a wonderful new year!

  2. elentari86 says:

    Thanks! I was impressed by how that one turned out as well. The camera on the mobile isn’t much good at close-ups or low light but it seems to cope quite well with landscapes.

    Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Sian K says:

    Beautiful photos, you have had an eventful year! Thanks for visting and commenting! It was a combination of things I think – altitude sickness (although I didn’t actually have it that bad), lack of sleep (I didn’t sleep for 8 days for longer than 1 hour a night), the fact that I wasn’t 100% when I started (really stressed at work, run down, sore throat ear ache etc). If I did it again I would take diamox from the word go, not go during a busy period at work, take sleeping pills and I guess the camping etc would be less of a stress as I know what to expect. I’d also go in a much smaller group as ours was insanely big. The other thing of course is having people – i.e., friends or family around to support you. I thought I was mentally strong enough, but the fact is I could have done with having a friend with me really, especially on the summit night. All in all I learnt lots of valuable lessons for the next time so all is not lost! 🙂

    • elentari86 says:

      Thanks for that. I really want to go myself in a few years so feedback from someone who’s been is very helpful! Are you going to try again or just try other mountains? (I think I saw you’re climbing another one soon, can’t remember which.)

      Thanks for the nice comment on the photos!

  4. Fergiemoto says:

    Nice collection of photos!

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