Olympic Torch Relay Route

LOCOG, the organising committee for the London 2012 Olympics, today announced the route that the Olympic Torch Relay will take.

I’m very pleased with the route because the torch is coming to my town, and on a Sunday so there should be no problem about seeing it. LOCOG say the route takes the torch within 10 miles of 95% of the UK population, which is very impressive!

I don’t suppose anything particularly exciting will happen with the torch in my town, but the route hits up most of the main British landmarks (the Olympics are supposed to boost tourism and this should help). Some of the places the torch will visit include Stonehenge, Mt Snowdon and the Giant’s Causeway.

Not only that, but if the torch was a person you’d have to call them adventurous. The route includes plans for the torch to be sent off the Tyne Bridge on a zip wire, go down white water rapids and abseil down the Dock Tower in Grimsby!

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