Changing Of The Guard

The Life GuardsOn GuardChanging Of The Guard At Horseguards ParadeThe Life GuardsThe Life GuardsOfficer of The Blues And Royals
Changing of the Guard at Horseguards ParadeThe Blues and RoyalsChanging of the Guard at Horseguards ParadeThe Arrival of The Blues and RoyalsChanging of the Guard at Horseguards ParadeHorseguards Parade
The Life GuardsA Life Guard

Changing Of The Guard, a set on Flickr.

I recently spent a couple of days in London with my brother. I went down primarily because we were going to see a gig (I’ll have to blog about that seperately) but we packed loads of other stuff in.

On Tuesday, we walked around the Inns of Court, had an enormous lunch at the Old Dutch Pancake House, went to the Sir John Soanes Museum, went up the tower of Westminster Cathedral for the view, cooled down with some still lemonade in Green Park (having walked past Buckingham Palace, of course) and went to the gig.

On Wednesday, my brother had to work but I still fitted plenty in. I went with him to his office in the City, where I was leaving my bag. On my way back to the Tube station I deliberately walked a slightly different way than we had come, to see what was there. From there I spotted the top of St Paul’s Cathedral, so I thought I might as well go and have a look at that. It’s a fabulous building. Next to that is the Millenium Bridge, so I went a little way onto that as well before heading back to the Underground. I got off at Westminster station, which is a dump, by the way. Apparently it’s supposed to be an architectural statement but it’s just grey and concrete and depressing. I walked up Whitehall to Horseguards Parade to go to the Horseguards Museum. It was 15 minutes before the Changing of the Guard was due to start, so I staked out a good spot, as can be seen from the photos. It’s pretty impressive close up, even when you’re used to seeing them on TV at events like Trooping The Colour and the State Opening of Parliament. Possibly my favourite fact in the museum was that Queen Victoria, turning up unnanounced, was so appalled to find the soldiers drunk and gambling that she institued a four o’clock inspection for the next hundred years!

Following that, I headed to Camden Market, one of my favourite places in London, where I checked out the stalls and ate Chinese food in the sun overlooking the canal.

All in all, a fantastic two days.

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