The Libyan and Iranian Reaction To The Riots Is Full Of Propaganda

This is quite funny. A spokesman for the Libyan Foreign Ministry says the riots show David Cameron has lost legitimacy and “must go”. A bit of tit-for-tat there I think, but whatever you might think of Cameron, he’s not a dictator who is fighting a bloody civil war. The official Libyan news agency said “the international community [must] not stand with arms folded in the face of this gross aggression against the rights of the British people, who are demanding its right to rule its country.”

Where to begin? Firstly, we already rule our country, that’s what a democracy is, not that they would know anything about that. Secondly, it implies that this is some sort of legitimate protest. No. This is mindless yobs causing chaos and destruction because it’s fun. They don’t have any other purpose. There is no ideology behind this except the desire to take what they want.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, had said the UN should step in and some Iranian politicians have said they are willing to send Iranian human rights monitors here. The Iranian official news agency had called the rioting”civil war” and like the Libyans, are portraying it as as a protest, not thuggery.

Still, I suppose if the likes of Libyan and Iranian leaders are criticising you, it means you’re doing something right.

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2 Responses to The Libyan and Iranian Reaction To The Riots Is Full Of Propaganda

  1. As it stands Ghaddafi had more than 40 years to unite Libya behind him and ultimately failed. Now I just hope that whatever type of regime that is established by the rebel movement does a better job and ultimately provides greater freedom and prosperity to the Libyans! France Driggins in Lesotho

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