Kind of Awesome: 288 of Bart Simpson’s Blackboard Lines On An Actual Blackboard

This is pretty cool – courtesy of Paste Magazine, a website I love.

The London marketing agency Work Club has a huge blackboard and every six months they get an artist to make use of it. One of the people who did so last year was Mat Williams, who used white markers to write 288 of the lines used by Bart Simpson on the blackboard during the intro to The Simpsons. (If you’re not familiar with the intro, firstly what’s the matter with you, and secondly every intro features Bart being forced to write lines on a blackboard as a school punishment, but what exactly he is writing changes every episode).

Some of my favourites:

This punishment is not boring and pointless.

A fire drill does not demand a fire.

I have neither been there nor done that.

I will not obey the voices in my head.

I will not use no double negatives.

and the delightfully self-referential

I should not be twenty one by now.

Take a look yourself.


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