I Am Going To The Olympics!

Despite my issues with second chance sales, I am going to the Olympics! I had an email this morning confirming that I have got all the tickets I applied for. Hopefully my Olympics-buddy Emma gets hers too.

I am relieved because after the first round of sales and hearing how many of the remaining tickets were for football, I wasn’t holding out much hope. I didn’t know whether first-come-first-served worked on the basis of when you’d selected your tickets and they were in your basket or when you order was actually processed, as there was a gap of about 25 minutes between the two due to the problems with the ticketing website.

Handball : Aurillac-Montpellier joué à Clermont-Ferrand, by Ville de Clermont-Ferrand

I’ve got tickets for two handball events and one basketball, all quarter finals or better. I’m chuffed with that. I would have liked cycling, swimming and athletics as well as the opening ceremony, all of which I applied for in the first round, but that was always unlikely and I’m pleased with what I’ve got.

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Apparently blogs need to cover a certain niche in order to attract readers. My aim is not to attract readers. I don't deny it would be nice not to just be spouting to myself, but the reason I set this blog up was to give myself somewhere to write down my thoughts. If anyone reads them, that's a bonus. This blog will cover a mix of things - anything that comes to mind that I want to write about. I make no promises about how often I will publish new content.
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