Film Review: The Invention Of Lying

This film takes place in a world where no one lies. It’s part of their world – they have no word for ‘truth’ or ‘lie’ because those concepts do not exist. No one can say something which isn’t true and it would never occur to them to try.

It’s an interesting premise, so it’s a shame that this film really isn’t that good. Ricky Gervais stars as Mark, a ‘loser’ screenwriter from a company called Legacy films. Because there’s no such thing as a lie, there’s no such thing as fiction either, and the company’s films consist of someone sitting down telling the story of a real historical event. After the failure of his two films on ‘The Black Plague’ (as an aside, is it too much for them to call it either ‘the Black Death’ or ‘the plague’ rather than making up their own name?) Mark finds himself being fired. Unable to pay his rent, he goes to the bank to withdraw what money he has (about $300 dollars) but finds himself asking for $800 dollars instead. The cashier accepts this immediately, because no one lies, and Mark thus discovers that he has done something no one else ever has.

He uses his ability to get money, success and to try to get the girl (Anna, played by Jennifer Garner). Inevitably, it all goes belly up when he accidently invents religion.

The film has it’s funny moments, mostly as a result of people saying exactly what they think, such as Anna telling Mark on their first date that she’s not quite ready because she’s just been masterbating, and the adverts for products which pop up in the background (Pepsi: For when they don’t have Coke). However, that doesn’t ring true either. Just because people can’t lie doesn’t mean they always tell the truth. There’s such a thing as keeping your mouth shut.

Overall, the film was entertaining enough but I wouldn’t watch it again.


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