Film Review: The Adjustment Bureau

Matt Damon’s new film is being billed as a cross between Inception and Bourne. I can see where that comes from – the film plays with our assumptions about the world as Inception does, though not as deeply as that film – but I’m not sure I entirely agree. For one thing, the Bourne comparison might lead you to believe that this film will be packed with car chases, fight scenes and guns. Actually, there are none of those (unless you count Damon punching two people and a bit of shoving).

The film actaully has a more romantic bent than that description implies. Damon plays David Norris, an American politician who meets the woman of his dreams, Elise, played by Emily Blunt. They have an instant connection but Elise has to leave. Norris thinks he’ll never see her again, so he is delighted when they bump into each other by chance on the bus. Soon, Norris is kidnapped by a group of men in hats who tell him about they are the ‘Adjustment Bureau’. Their job is to manipulate events so that they happen as they are supposed to, according to ‘the plan’. They tell Norris he was never meant to see Elise and that they will keep the pair apart in the future. Of course, Norris isn’t satisfied with that.

Damon’s always a safe pair of hands and Blunt was decent. The film’s concept is interesting, as you would expect from a film based on a short story by legendary science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. Not all of the questions are answered, although that doesn’t matter all that much. It isn’t quite what I thought it would be, but I still really enjoyed it.


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