Olympic Ticket Infomation Announced

Tickets go on sale next month for the London 2012 Olympics and the ticketing information has been announced today.

London 2012, by thehutch

I really wanted to try for tickets to the Opening Ceremony (I know it would be the longest of long shots to get chosen in the allocation, but worth a try). It starts at £20.12 but it will be practically impossible to get tickets in that price range. The most expensive is more than £2000!

I had a look at a few other events I’m interested in (athletics, swimming, cycling, tennis, badminton) but the problem is that you have to register your interest and if you are selected, you are committed to buying those tickets. So if you pick multiple events to increase your chance of getting tickets to something, and you end up getting chosen for lots of events by some fluke, you’re stuck with buying all those tickets.

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Apparently blogs need to cover a certain niche in order to attract readers. My aim is not to attract readers. I don't deny it would be nice not to just be spouting to myself, but the reason I set this blog up was to give myself somewhere to write down my thoughts. If anyone reads them, that's a bonus. This blog will cover a mix of things - anything that comes to mind that I want to write about. I make no promises about how often I will publish new content.
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2 Responses to Olympic Ticket Infomation Announced

  1. gugelhupf says:

    You’re committed to buying the tickets? That sounds like a bummer. Maybe if you sign up with a friend you can then see what tickets you get and divvy them up accordingly? (Say, you like sports A, B, C, and D, and friend likes C, D, E, and F. You get tickets for A, C, D, and E, so you take A and C, and friend takes D and E. Or maybe that wouldn’t work since the tickets have your name on them?)

  2. elentari86 says:

    It is a bit. I’m not sure how I’m going to work it but I’m determined to make it to something!

    I guess the key point is whether the tickets are transferable, as you say.

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