The Most Polite Armed Robber Ever?

This clip is bizarre.

A man enters a shop in the US and begins paying for his purchases. As soon as the till opens, he produces a gun and politely asks the cashier to give him the money. The staff member is a bit confused because the man’s demeanour is not what you would expect of an armed robber at all, and he has to be told “I’m robbing you, sir.”

The robber is clearly a decent man, driven by circumstances to do something he never imagined doing. He apologises that he has been driven to this and explains that he has to feed his kids.

I felt quite sorry for him! That said, not only was it illegal and extremely unpleasant for the staff member, but the robber shows up quite clearly on CCTV. A man is being questioned by Police but hasn’t been charged yet. He’s going to go to prison, and then how will he feed his kids?


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