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Twitter Reunites Homeless Man With Daughter

Daniel Morales lost touch with his daughter when she moved away. Then he lost his job and became homeless, living on the streets of New York City. Now, Twitter has helped him find her again. As part of a project … Continue reading

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Decisions, Decisions

My friends and I tend to go camping once a year for a cheap short break. I’m trying to buy a cheap tent, but there are a lot of things to consider. Weight – I’m unlikely to be backpacking with … Continue reading

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Paul Haggis On Scientology

A few weeks ago, the New Yorker ran an interview with Oscar-winning screenwriter Paul Haggis (he wrote Million Dollar Baby and Crash – which he also directed – among others). Haggis was a Scientologist for 34 years but resigned after … Continue reading

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UK Time Zone Change?

So the powers that be are considering changing the UK’s time zone. The plan would see our time pushed forward an hour, to match much of the rest of Western Europe (like France) and would continue to go forward an … Continue reading

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Kind of Awesome: Best Film Lines Video

This video has a selection of some of the best film lines ever. It’s nearly 11 minutes long but it’s an entertaining watch and I’ve seen more of them than I thought. My favourite: My name is Inigo Montoya. You … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sail, by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

I got this book for free from my boss who had a spare copy. I don’t normally read thrillers but I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve never read a Patterson novel before so I can’t judge whether having … Continue reading

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‘Chugger’ is short for ‘charity mugger’. You know them, they’re the the irritatingly happy people in tabards who try to stop you on the high street to persuade you to sign up to a direct debit to the charity they … Continue reading

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This Guy Has Guts

This caught my eye in the Metro this morning. Cyclist Aziz Awang, of Malaysia, was competing in the men’s keirin event at the track cycling world cup. Near the end of the race three riders, including Awang, were involved in … Continue reading

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Kind of Awesome: Acapella ‘Teenage Dream’ by Katy Perry (From ‘Glee’)

I’m a fan of Glee, but even someone who isn’t would surely have to admit that this is brilliant.

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My Generation Is Screwed

This article is depressing. Research has revealed that today’s twenty-somethings need to earn double the average wage for people my age in order to enjoy the same lifestyle our parents had at our age. Here’s the key point from the … Continue reading

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