The Influence of the King James Bible on English

The BBC News website’s Magazine pages are a treasure trove of interesting stories. Take this article on how the King James Bible has influenced the way we speak English. I’ve become quite interested in this sort of linguistics over the last few years so I found it a fascinating read.

Phrases such as ‘give up the ghost’, ‘the blind leading the blind’ and ‘salt of the earth’ all came to prominence through the King James Bible. Scholar David Crystal has found 257 phrases still in use which are found in the KJB. They may not have originated there, but that is why they remain in use.


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1 Response to The Influence of the King James Bible on English

  1. Bel says:

    We don’t have the King James bible, our translator was Martin Luther who translated the bible into German nearly 500 years ago. Yet we say: den Geist aufgeben, der Blinde führt den Blinden, das Salz der Erde… all literal translations of your examples.
    I’ve never read the bible, so I don’t know if those quotes are from there, but it is possible. 🙂

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