Andy Gray Sacked From Sky For Sexist Comments

Not much to say about this one. Andy Gray, Sky’s football presenter, has been caught doing and saying various sexist things recently, beginning with denigrating a female assistant referee by saying she won’t know the offside rule, and then asking a female crew member attaching his mic pack to put it down the front of his trousers instead.

It hardly needs pointing out that these attitudes are old-fashioned and offensive. Sian Massey, the referee in question, must be bloody good at her job or she would never have been asked to officiate a Premier League match. He should be applauding her, not making ridiculous sexist comments based on stereotypical assumptions.

As for his behaviour towards the crew member, it seems to me that it might well be sexual harassment and I’m not surprised Sky have sacked him.

Football is the fastest growing sport for women in the country and this sort of attitude is not helpful at all. Kudo to Rio Ferdinand for speaking out against it on Twitter. I also liked the Twitter response of Kelly Cates, who is apparently a former Sky Sports News presenter and is also Kenny Dalgleish’s daughter:

Phew, am exhausted. Just read about something called ‘the offside rule’. Too much for my tiny brain. Must be damaged from nail polish fumes.


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