7 Billion

One of the things I like about travelling to work by train is that people often leave behind newspapers. On Friday I picked up a copy of the Guardian supplement, G2.

The cover story (unfortunately I can’t find a link) claims that by the end of this year, the world’s 7 billionth person will be born. Statistically it is likely to be a boy born in Uttar Pradesh on 31st October, apparently. Does anyone else find this a bit scary? It’s only 12 years since we hit 6 billion! When we reach 7 billion, the world’s population will have doubled since 1968.

The article goes on to discuss whether the planet can cope with this and surprisingly, the general consensus is yes. The UN has predicted that somewhere around 2050 the population will hit 9 billion and from there it will actually start to fall. Europe is the only continent projected to have fewer people in 2050 than it does now (720 million as against the current total of 739 million).

The point is that we have to be more careful about how we use resources, especially in rich nations because the inequality in consumption is ridiculous. According to the piece, the average American has the same carbon footprint as 250 Ethiopians. We have to utilise the various technologies at our disposal to increase food yields.

An increasing population brings with it many problems other than feeding them. All of these people need to live somewhere, for one thing. They need schools and hospitals and places to work. They need access to plumbing, electricity and transportation.

7 billion. That’s crazy.

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5 Responses to 7 Billion

  1. Jules says:

    people could breed less,that would help…. there really is no need for the incessant amount of people having children…perhaps…. no better not mention that don’t want to go down that road again do we although I do think in generations to come when procreation becomes licensed,measured dependant on means and sustanibilty…someone will realise that I did my bit by chosing not to have children..having a child seems to be an accesory,the product of ….dare I say it sloppy numbskulls who can’t be ‘bothered’ contraception…or just do it because everyone does,right? it is a choice it should be informed and have seen the amount of small children being dragged round,sworn and mistreated, lets not get on to the wide spread abuse of children around the world, street children, children starved to death in homes with well stocked cupboards…..children in care….need I go on, wake up world..we are not rabbits…maybe if we had some natural predators left,….nope we ate them or just shot them all….oh yes of course disease that will sort it in the end along with famine….but it won’t directly affect those in the ivory towers so we won’t educate people,challenge cultural traditions or actual control the fact that any psycho can have a baby and do what they like with it, as long as the paperwork seems in order…ahem was I saying that out loud?

  2. Jules says:

    excuse the spelling and lack of grammar pressed the button a bit quick, but you get my ranty drift?

  3. Bel says:

    >>Europe is the only continent projected to have fewer people in 2050 than it does now<<

    The German government won't like that. 😉 I read only the other day that they rejoiced because apparently, there was some rise in births in 2010. I have three friends who don't have children by choice. Two of them have well paid jobs, the third has a job she likes doing. They'd be crazy to have children. Their careers would have ended there and then, never to be taken up again. Germany is a very hostile environment for families with children, which is why people here don't want any.

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