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Bletchley Park, Spies and World War Two

This article is fascinating. It decribes how one World War Two double agent fed the Germans false information about the D-Day landings, convincing them that the main attack was to be near Calais and drawing significant numbers of German soldiers … Continue reading

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Round-Up of the Australian Open

As a tennis fan, I’ve been keeping up with events in Melbourne for the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year. Most of you will know that Andy Murray lost in the final of the men’s event. He … Continue reading

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The Influence of the King James Bible on English

The BBC News website’s Magazine pages are a treasure trove of interesting stories. Take this article on how the King James Bible has influenced the way we speak English. I’ve become quite interested in this sort of linguistics over the … Continue reading

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Giving Blood

I gave blood for the 18th time on Tuesday. Not bad considering you can’t start till you’re 17 and you can only donate 3 times a year. Hardly anyone gives blood – only 5% of people who can, do. Why … Continue reading

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Inception Nominated For Best Picture

I’m really pleased that Inception has been nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, along with 7 other nominations. I remember seeing the trailer for the first time. I was at another film and was glued to the trailer. As soon … Continue reading

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Andy Gray Sacked From Sky For Sexist Comments

Not much to say about this one. Andy Gray, Sky’s football presenter, has been caught doing and saying various sexist things recently, beginning with denigrating a female assistant referee by saying she won’t know the offside rule, and then asking … Continue reading

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The End Of h2g2?

I’ve been a member of h2g2 for about seven years. It’s a BBC website based loosely on the Douglas Adams book The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. The idea is to create a guide to life, the universe and everything. … Continue reading

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Kind of Awesome: If you’re ever having a bad day…

… I have the cure: heartwarming Youtube videos! It’s a Monday so I thought some people might appreciate this. These are both flashmob-type videos. I’d love to be in a flashmob one day. This one is my favourite. It’s like … Continue reading

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As if they don’t have enough to worry about. Apparently there are sharks swimming around a flooded Australian suburb. Not only that, but also crocodiles and god knows what other dangerous animals. According to the article though, they bypassed the … Continue reading

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How To Solve Your Own Kidnapping

This woman in America has just solved her own kidnapping. As a baby she was abducted from a hospital. Growing up, she always had the feeling that she didn’t look like her family and she didn’t belong with them, so … Continue reading

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