Blogging on the move

I’m currently on my way to Symphony Hall in Birmingham to see the London Concert Orchestra perform many of John Williams’ famous film themes. (He wrote the music for Star Wars, Schindler’s List, ET, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and many more.)

I thought I would take the opportunity to test WordPress’ Android app and it seems ok so far!

I’m really looking forward to the Jurassic Park theme, that’s my favourite. It’s so uplifting!

ETA. I have had to just correct a few spelling errors caused by my predictive text! “so far” not “so fart”.

About elentari86

Apparently blogs need to cover a certain niche in order to attract readers. My aim is not to attract readers. I don't deny it would be nice not to just be spouting to myself, but the reason I set this blog up was to give myself somewhere to write down my thoughts. If anyone reads them, that's a bonus. This blog will cover a mix of things - anything that comes to mind that I want to write about. I make no promises about how often I will publish new content.
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